Rajdeep Ranawat

At Rajdeep Ranawat, Indian artisanal skills and techniques are utilised to produce fine embroidered, sequinned, beaded motifs and designs. Further, original artworks are created by hand and transformed into digital prints prints on eco-friendly, sustainable organic and silk fabrics in generic western Silhouettes that create a novel blend.

The brand uses 'azo-free' inks for the printing processes that is eco-friendly and in-turn lends a hand to a greener environment.

Using the finest materials, weaves, metallic threads, beads, pearls, sequins and Austrian crystals among a few, a Rajdeep Ranawat ensemble creates a dazzling statement of glamour and style for the fashion nomad of today.

The 'Rajdeep Ranawat' brand has been trademarked by all laws and complies with all legalities that are required for a law abiding brand as well.

Loving Vincent

'Loving Vincent' is inspired by one of the greatest artist of our times,

Vincent Van Gogh

A Celebration of colours. shapes, drapes and radiant details for the new season filled with positivity and vitality.

A Notting Hill Summer

'A Notting Hill Summer' is inspired by everything English.

From British Hi-teas to delicious cakes and mouth watering macaroons, the collection is a breath of fresh summer breeze with an abundant use of hydrangeas and roses over borders inspired by English grills.

Feminine silhouettes in soft hues on luscious silks is a wardrobe must for all seasons of the year.

Shikara : A Mid Summer Noon

The Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir, Dal Lake was the sole inspiration for 'Shikara' that takes us closer to this pristine heaven on earth.

Capturing the simple beauty on the 'Lake of Flowers' only to bring that feeling of Joy and Happiness that we truly longed for.

Elegance and Oomph is our mantra for this range of Resort worthy, Buttery Silk Kaftans that are simply effortless but chic yet feminine and decorative.

The subtle and constrained shapes have been adorned with our decadent works of art with a hint of just enough bling thats elegant yet understated.

As a designer or rather an artist, my muse is she who exudes a sense of unapologetic eclectic exuberance to my "art to wear"


A Suzani Summer

Suzani motifs through the ages were connected to the belief that magic forces were embroidered into their patterns. The motifs carried talismanic, protective, and well-wishing embroidered messages.

In an authentic Suzani piece, one will find a small deliberate fault or unfinished area, as a reminder that man is not without mistakes, and expressing the dream of the mother that her daughter will be then be inspired to 'finish' the garment.

A collection of Uzbek and Suzani inspired motifs, that have been meticulously made into intricate artworks and further engineered to perfection on pure silk fabrics that are not only sustainable but also with the use of our azo-free inks for the prints, we have added our thumbprint towards a greener planet. 

Easy and comfortable silhouettes in luscious and buttery silks is what a 'Rajdeep Ranawat' ensemble boasts of. 

Unique and an 'art to wear'

Roman Holiday

Reminiscent of the Romantic Getaways in Europe for a pristine Summer Evening, this capsule collection of maxi dresses is perfect for your travel essentials. 

A beautifully curated range of dresses that are designed using our soft buttery silks and printed using earth friendly and sustainable azo-free inks.

We call this 'art to wear'


The collection is inspired by the beauty of Ubud, Bali. 

Rajdeep Ranawat, delved deep into the bylanes of Ubud where he was inspired by the vintage textiles and motifs of the Indonesian fabrics in pure silks, satin and duppion apart from the heritage and crafts that Bali as a country is so well known for. 

“It’s one of the most innovative collections I’ve seen, because of his modern twists on traditional Indian wear. I’m so glad I had the chance of associating with Rajdeep for his beautiful Resort Spring line inspired by Ubud - Bali. It made me feel like a fiery Balinese Goddess with the bright red hues of colour and the added headgear for some fun drama on the ramp. I genuinely cannot wait to see what his future shows and collections have to offer.” says Actress Amyra Dastur.  

The look was completed with meticulously crafted accessories for the collection which were in collaboration with Ritika Sachdeva for jewellery, 5 Elements by Radhika Gupta for footwear and The Garnish Co. by Geetanjali Singh for handbags.  

Hand embroideries have been added with french knots, beads, mother of pearls and shells apart from the latest innovations in Swarovski lacquer effects by using stones in warm hues of reds, greys, blues, and greens.  

Bali : An Escape to Tranquility


Sindh strongly resonates the beauty of the Mughal Era fused with the bold embellishments and motifs from the Kutch, the bandhani techniques of Rajasthan and the traditional weaves of Balochistan to only form a collection thats a stunning amalgamation of an era bygone.

Using contemporary techniques in printing and embellishments with the latest innovation of Swarovski crystal with lacquer finishes, the collection is envisioned for the woman who is the urban nomad with a sense of luxury and confidence.

Our muse tells us a story from the depths of the Mughal Era, using the bejewelled motifs from the Taj Mahal, a story of eternal love that inspired many…

We have a tale to tell, and we call this ‘art to wear’.

SINDH : Delhi Times Fashion Week


They call Istanbul a bad romance for those who have been there once.

You cannot give up loving it, there are so many times when it disappoints you, or puts you out of temper.

Rajdeep Ranawat brings you this Spring Resort collection, his very own take of this crusty and lover like city that has been poeticised for centuries by so many. 

With its bright and shiny aroma of the seas and its beauty of unravelling threads of history intertwined with numerous cultures, the city of Istanbul is a dream that gently folds you in its midst as the twilight twirls around and then jolts you to awareness with its air, color and affection.

Using the ethereal strain of its 

Come dive with us into this ancient city whose walls if they could talk would recite hundreds of legends involving prophecies fulfilled with tales of love, lost and betrayal.


Rajdeep Ranawat, yet again delves deep into the fiery corners of the Rann of Kutch to capture the essence of Gujarat's heritage to create his collection titled 'Kanjari'. 

Depicting the beauty of the culture, the embroideries and techniques with the use of unusual hues, the women of Kutch forms an avid inspiration for the global nomad. 

Using sustainable organic fabrics with motifs derived from the theme, further entwined with illustrations and artworks of cactus and foliage from the region, Swarovski elements add to the required contemporary richness it thirsts for.

'BALI' - Lakme Fashion Week