A Suzani Summer

Suzani motifs through the ages were connected to the belief that magic forces were embroidered into their patterns. The motifs carried talismanic, protective, and well-wishing embroidered messages.

In an authentic Suzani piece, one will find a small deliberate fault or unfinished area, as a reminder that man is not without mistakes, and expressing the dream of the mother that her daughter will be then be inspired to 'finish' the garment.

A collection of Uzbek and Suzani inspired motifs, that have been meticulously made into intricate artworks and further engineered to perfection on pure silk fabrics that are not only sustainable but also with the use of our azo-free inks for the prints, we have added our thumbprint towards a greener planet. 

Easy and comfortable silhouettes in luscious and buttery silks is what a 'Rajdeep Ranawat' ensemble boasts of. 

Unique and an 'art to wear'