Rajdeep Ranawat brings to you a journey to the Orient.

The collections fragile beauty is echoing Oriental exoticism and introduces the new vision of contemporary aesthetic.

Bringing together unusual multicoloured prints, fabrics, bizarre silks and ingenious embroideries, Rajdeep Ranawat clashes them fearlessly as his oriental inspired clothing weaves stories of opulence and exoticism with such an air of erotic peculiarity and rarity that it can astonish and inspire.
The prints capture the clear orient skies and the distinct sketches of oriental pagodas in parts and lull you with a zen like calmness with their simplicity. 

Gradually the wave of elements strengthen in the print and embroideries, jarring your imagination as the designer uses a strong mix match of various oriental motifs dauntlessly.

Each piece is a statement piece from this collection as they are radiant and flamboyant, as well as rich in colour and materials. 

Balancing a very effective use of color and rhythm this collection will metamorphose your wardrobe.