They call Istanbul a bad romance for those who have been there once.

You cannot give up loving it, there are so many times when it disappoints you, or puts you out of temper.

Rajdeep Ranawat brings you this Spring Resort collection, his very own take of this crusty and lover like city that has been poeticised for centuries by so many. 

With its bright and shiny aroma of the seas and its beauty of unravelling threads of history intertwined with numerous cultures, the city of Istanbul is a dream that gently folds you in its midst as the twilight twirls around and then jolts you to awareness with its air, color and affection.

Using the ethereal strain of its magic, Rajdeep Ranawat  gives to you six distinct collections to brighten up every month of your summer and whisk you on a magical journey. 

Just like Istanbul, each collection has its own strong individuality as it captures the essence of this legendary city. 

Where at one look, the graceful arches of its innumerable mosques may command your attention, the opulence of the Sultans from the Ottoman empire will draw you to another side of our collection. 

And just as you submerge yourself into these, the salty tang of its Bosporus will call to you, bringing in mind the numerous odysseys that began and concluded here. 

Come dive with us into this ancient city whose walls if they could talk would recite hundreds of legends involving prophecies fulfilled with tales of love, lost and betrayal.