Kanoj : Udipti - multi

Rs. 26,000.00

Kanoj, formerly known as Ra Kanoj, was a town on the north bank of the Kinnar river in the kutch district of Gujarat whose ruins are stretched for a mile.

Elements of textiles from this region and their motifs are depicted in the form of intricate prints on pure silks that are sustainable and eco friendly in nature.

The silhouettes are feminine, chic & effortless that usher a sense of Vintage decadence on a palette of opal ,wheat, blush and liquorice for the decorative motifs overall.

A print wrap dress with full sleeves and cuffs.

The cuffs have intricate lace details and button closure.

The wrap dress is fully lined in a soft cotton shantoon to match.

Material: 100% Silk 

Shipping: Estimated arrival time is 4 weeks from date of purchase.

Care: Dry Clean Only