The word Pichhwai stands for hanging at the back (Sanskrit word "Pichh" means back and "wais" means hanging).

The purpose of Pichwais, other than artistic appeal, is to narrate tales of Krishna with motifs such as the main idols themselves, lotus, cows, peacocks, flora and fauna as depicted in the Indian miniature paintings. 

The collection is exclusively in collaboration with Deval, Ahmedabad in the form of intricate artworks as prints on fine buttery and luscious silks with the use of azo-free inks that make this collection sustainable as well.

Festive and Resort ready kaftans, draped tunics, breezy tops and featherlight skirt sets are just a few of the gorgeous ensembles that complete this collection in a stunning palette of amber, rose, prune, turquoise, caramel, emerald and burgundy to say the least.